Theme and Variations

Yesterday I launched this blog. Yesterday I made one promise, set one rule: never to take anything seriously within these hallowed pages. Today I came bally close to breaking it. And my computer.

I normally handle Situations with good humour; nearly any problem that comes my way I can tackle on a scale that ranges from the excited zest of challenge to stoic grace with something really tiresome. However, there seems to be something about technology that rouses my mammalian brain —nothing else gets me so angry so quickly, so unreasonably, as an electronic device that misbehaves. Under other circumstances, it takes hours to really frustrate me — my computer resists my efforts, and within twenty minutes I am breathing fire through the nostrils and resorting to language that would better have been lost with my youth. After thirty minutes unchecked of electronic struggle, you could drop me in a Bronx subway at rush hour and no one would think anything of it. Just another one of the natives, they would say.

I will not excite your pity and terror, Gentle Reader, by detailing my sufferings today. The internet is rich with expressions of what people really think of the very technology they are using to spread their views, and I will not bore you by adding to the literature. Suffice it to say that improving this nascent blog has been a labour of love already, and provided me with hours of opportunity for personal growth. On the upside, the writing itself now seems like a vacation. But if this seems but poor material for Wit, think of some hours which you have spent in front of an unyielding screen, and have compassion. I will be myself again tomorrow.

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